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Bitcoin Cash News

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Bitcoin Cash Is Up, But Correction May Be On Cards
Despite decent gains today, bitcoin cash prices could take a hit in the short-term, technical charts suggest. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 03
07:52 AM
Bitcoin Cash Is Up, But Correction May Be On Cards
Despite decent gains today, bitcoin cash prices could take a hit in the short-term, technical charts suggest. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 03
05:39 AM
Rising Ripple Threatens to Usurp Bitcoin and Usher In The Rippening
First came ethereum, which threatened to unseat bitcoin as the dominant cryptocurrency in an event dubbed The Flippening. Then came bitcoin cash, which lay a glove on bitcoin core in The Cashening. No (BCH , BTC , ETH , XRP )
Jan 03
05:24 AM
Bitcoin Cash Gets its own Address Format Thanks to Bitcoin ABC Developers
This new feature has been implemented in the updated Bitcoin ABC client. It is a more than welcome upgrade for all Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 03
05:09 AM
Gavin Andresen Drops A New Concept On Github for Bitcoin Cash
On January 2 one of the most well-known developers for the original bitcoin protocol, Gavin Andresen, contributed an idea to Github called Storing the UTXO as a bit-vector. Andresen has been active (BCH , BTC )
Jan 03
04:24 AM
Cardanao jumps 30% on first use case - worth half of BCH
After Cardano coin's market cap surpassed that of litecoin, the digital coin continues to higher and higher ground. The price of the Cardano coin is up som
Jan 02
11:59 PM
New Code Release Means Bitcoin Cash Addresses Are Just Around the Corner
The bitcoin cash community moved one step closer to having their own address format today with the release of Bitcoin ABC 0.16.2. The full node implementation of BCH includes a switch to a proprietary (BCH , BTC )
Jan 02
11:39 PM
Crypto Today: Bitcoin rebounds 16%, Bitcoin Cash & Ripple follow suit
Bitcoin (BTC/USD), the world's most known cryptocurrency, got off to a weaker start to the New Year but eventually recovered ground, having booked a 1 (BCH , BTC )
Jan 02
10:07 PM
Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis
Bitcoin cash price is gaining momentum above $2500 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD might continue to move higher after a minor correction from $2740. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 02
09:11 PM
Bitcoin Cash Used to Pay for Music Records, Gift Cards, Plastic Surgery
With BTC transactions taking forever to complete and fees higher than ever, the adoption of bitcoin cash by small businesses and big miners is going strong. The latest examples of this include paying (BCH , BTC )
Jan 02
03:24 PM
New Bitcoin Cash Tech Takes Aim at Accidental Spending Issue
Bitcoin ABC, a full node implementation for bitcoin cash, released a new BCH address format to prevent funds from going to BTC addresses instead. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 02
10:09 AM
Localbitcoincash.org Plans to Add Zero-Fee BCH-Based 'Shapeshifting' Trades
Back in October, we reported on the launch of the peer-to-peer trading platform called Localbitcoincash. Since then the website has seen some updates, more users are exchanging, using the platform, an (BCH , BTC )
Jan 01
12:56 PM
Bitpay Moves from Supporting Bitcoin Cash, then Back to Bitcoin in 24 Hours
The digital currency industry has had a difficult time parting itself from hundreds of scams and financial plots which earned the industry a bad name. Almost every month, we hear about a new attack or (BCH , BTC )
09:39 AM
Bitcoin Core 'Suicide'? Roger Ver Says Tips Mean Bitcoin Cash Is 'Working'
Bitcoin.com owner and pro-Bitcoin Cash figure Roger Ver has highlighted interview tips as apparent proof Bitcoin Cash is working well. (BCH , BTC )
06:08 AM
Three timeless investment lessons of 2017
MARKETWATCH FRONT PAGE Above all else, humility is a virtue. By Mark Hulbert. See full story. 7 cryptocurrencies to watch in 2018 if you're on the hunt for the next bitcoin Analysts pick the bitcoin rivals to read up on now: Litecoin, Monero, Neo, Cardano, Ripple, Iota and Bitcoin Cash See full story. This $1 million house is the first to be sold on the blockchain in the U.S. Green Bay Packers... (BCH , BTC , LTC , XMR )
02:02 PM
Developer Usurps SegWit2x Moniker for Upcoming Bitcoin Fork
For those new to the discussion, scaling issues have plagued Bitcoin and have led to a handful of different forked currencies that offer varying solutions. Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, (BCH , BTC )
10:24 AM
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis - 29/12/17
Ripple continues to lead the way in the cryptomarkets after hitting an all-time high in the early hours, while the markets consider Bitcoin's SegWit2x and the continued rumblings from the South Korean government. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
04:12 AM
'Only Two Individuals': CNBC Airs Rare Bitcoin Cash Criticism
CNBC has continued its confused cryptocurrency coverage with the airing of fresh criticism of Bitcoin Cash and praise of Bitcoin itself. (BCH , BTC )
03:08 PM
PR: mBit Casino Adds Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin
11:08 AM
The Bitcoin Clan gets that Sinking Feeling
The cryptos are under pressure once more over concerns that the South Korean government could bring an end to the crypto-party. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash are amongst the worst hit, with the Bitcoin futures market also deep in the red. (BCH , BTC )
08:37 AM
Ripple Rides up Crypto Charts, Knocks Bitcoin Cash Out of #3 Spot
This morning saw declines across the crypto board during the Asian trading session, all except Ripple which bucked the trend again and saw gains. (BCH , BTC , XRP )
09:55 PM
South Korean selloff on crypto clampdown
After a brief day or two of recovery all cryptocurrencies except a couple were back in the red again during the Asian trading session. Bitcoin showed a strong rebound but failed to break resistance below $17,000 yesterday and fell sharply back to $14,700 where it currently trades. Likewise Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin have all Continue reading South Korean selloff on crypto clampdown (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC )
09:39 PM
Ripple Overtakes Bitcoin Cash as Third-Largest Cryptocurrency
In a relatively calm day for cryptocurrencies, most of the largest are down by a few percentage points. Bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, and Litecoin. (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC )
01:11 PM
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis - 27/12/17
Ripple leads the way this morning, with Bitcoin managing to hold on to recent gains, while Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin struggle for direction. The markets are in the need of a boost following the recent volatility, with some positive press needed to fuel another rally across the majors. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
06:33 AM
Bitcoin Holding on with both Hands
Bitcoin holding on to $16,000 levels amidst another barrage of bad press, while Iota and Ripple make solid gains through the morning, at the expense of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. (BCH , BTC )
06:33 AM
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis - 26/12/17
Bitcoin futures contracts provide some much needed support to the cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin's more than 10% rally coming amidst lighter trading volumes. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
12:37 PM
New Evidence Emerges, Points to Possible Insider Trading at Coinbase
New evidence has emerged appearing to bolster allegations against Coinbase of insider trading tied to the launch of Bitcoin Cash. (BCH , BTC )
01:38 AM
Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis
Bitcoin cash price is correcting lower from $3307 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD might correct further towards the $2600 level in the near term. (BCH , BTC )
10:38 PM
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis - 25/12/17
Lighter trading volumes and a lack of market chatter leaves the cryptos relatively range bound through the early part of the day, with bubble talk having been on the rise in recent days, leaving investors particularly sensitive going into the holidays. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
09:41 AM
Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis
Bitcoin cash price is under pressure and is below $3000 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD may continue to face sellers on upside near $3000 and $3200. (BCH , BTC )
10:39 PM
NotNicehash is a Bitcoin Cash-only "Clone" of Nicehash
The big question is how Notnicehash will fare in terms of platform security. After all, Nicehash was hacked not too long ago. (BCH , BTC )
12:38 PM
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, Oh My! What's With All the Bitcoin Clones?
Bitcoin's wild ride has gotten a huge amount of attention. But over the past two weeks, some of its crypto cousins, like Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, have muscled their way into the spotlight. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
06:07 AM
Data Over Drama: Bitcoin Cash Versus Bitcoin Core Transactions
Over the past few weeks, people have been complaining about high transaction fees and slow confirmation times on the bitcoin core network. Since then other coins like bitcoin cash, dash, and litecoin (BCH , BTC , LTC )
05:24 AM
Bitcoin Maximalist Claims Manipulation in Recent SBI Backing Venture
In yet another jousting session, Twitter user WhalePanda outlined the potential ways in which the Bitcoin Cash team may have taken advantage of Japanese technology provider SBI BITS Co., Ltd., and nCh (BCH , BITS , BTC )
04:24 PM
Markets Update: Major Crypto Markets Dump in Unison
The majority of crypto markets appear to have regained correlation with bitcoin, with BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH and many other major markets dumping in unison with BTC. For bitcoin, today's retrace down to (BCH , BTC , DASH , ETH , LTC )
01:54 PM
Bitcoin Futures: Any Port in a Storm
Bitcoinist contributor Antonio Madeira explores Bitcoin futures and takes a look at the relationship between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. (BCH , BTC )
10:39 AM
Sell Your Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash, Says Co-Founder of Safello and Bitcoin.com
According to Emil Oldenburg, bitcoin is not an investment that anyone should be making right now. Not all bark and no bite, the CTO of Bitcoin.com claims to have sold all his holdings in the digital c (BCH , BTC )
08:08 AM
'Bitcoin Cash is Centralized Sock Puppetry'
Pioneering Bitcoin developer Nick Szabo described Bitcoin Cash (BCash) as centralized sock puppetry as analysts voice concern over network. (BCH , BTC )
04:55 AM
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple HODL - Daily Analysis - 22/12/17
Ripple stands up against the pack for a 2nd day running as Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin feel Bitcoin's pain. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
03:57 AM
Thinking of Travelling With Bitcoin? With These Websites You Can
Bitcoin has grabbed the attention of many this year, and that's hardly surprising given its meteoric rise in price. Despite today's 25% pullback following the Coinbase Bitcoin Cash insider trading debacle, the cryptocurrency has still performed amazingly in 2017. Starting out the year at around $1,000 its price has surged to around a disbelief-inspiring $13,900 Continue reading Thinking of Travelling With Bitcoin? With These Websites You Can (BCH , BTC )
02:54 AM
Bitcoin cash crash: technical levels to watch on BCH/USD
Bitcoin cash (BCH) was the shining star earlier in the week when Coinbase included it in its exchange. Now it seems to be one of the biggest losers in the (BTC )
02:23 AM
Crypto-crash: BTC down 10%, ETH 15%, BCH 21% - 4 reasons
Crypto-currencies are not enjoying any kind of Santa rally. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash are all crashing quite significantly. Here are the updates, (BTC , ETH )
10:57 PM
Bitcoin One Step From Recession - Bitcoin Cash Triumphs
The pre-holiday week was marked by overall altcoin growth, with Bitcoin Cash registering significant gains for a number of reasons. (BCH , BTC )
12:52 PM
Bitcoin Price Sinks Below $15,000 As Altcoins Eclipse The Moon
The Bitcoin price dipped to below $15,000 Thursday as pressure from altcoin growth and ongoing Bitcoin Cash (BCash) scandal took its toll. (BCH , BTC )
12:39 PM
Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash - The Battle Continues
DailyFX.com -Talking Points- Bitcoin Cash (BCH) offers cheaper fees and faster transaction times, adding to the coin's allure.- Bitcoin's (BTC). (BCH , BTC )
09:23 AM
Top 5 Crypto price prediction: Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and Monero with better projections than Bitcoin
BitcoinCash, Ripple, Monero and, in a smaller role, also Litecoin, have been the Crypto stars of the week. Despite the technical problems of CoinBase... (BCH , BTC , LTC , XMR )
02:52 AM
Coinbase BCash Scandal: Ver Says Insider Trading A 'Non-Crime'
Bitcoin.com owner and Bitcoin Cash (BCash) proponent Roger Ver has described Coinbase's insider trading scandal as a non-crime. (BCH , BTC )
02:39 AM
Bitcoin Cash and ZCash Are Coming to OpenBazaar in Early January, Litecoin to Follow Soon
Litecoin has had a good year throughout 2017. It would make a lot of sense to use this payment method on a decentralized peer-to-peer platform. (BCH , BTC , LTC , ZEC )
02:08 AM
Coinbase Investigates Insider Trading
It's been a wild 24-hours at Coinbase. The platform is investigating allegations of insider trading in the hours before the company announced it would enable Bitcoin Cash. Bloomberg's Cory Johnson reports on (BCH , BTC )
10:29 PM
Bitcoin Cash Embassy to Open in Limassol, Cyprus
With the launch of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by Coinbase and Gdax, the adoption of the cryptocurrency is likely going to accelerate further. To help local users, developers, and investors meet and discuss th (BCH , BTC )
03:38 PM


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