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Bitcoin Cash News

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Bitcoin Cash: BitPico 'Stress Test' Claims To Show Node Centralization
A new discovery in BitPico's stress test on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has allegedly unearthed further evidence of the altcoin's centralization. Nodes 'In Same A new discovery in BitPico's stress test on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has allegedly unearthed further evidence of the altcoin's centralization. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 10
10:09 AM
Bitcoin ABC Developers Publish Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Timeline
The Bitcoin ABC development team has published the Bitcoin Cash 'November 15 Upgrade Timeline' which details what the programmers plan to do before the hard fork. As the upgrade approaches the ABC team wants to ensure a smooth hard fork by making sure every participant is ready with the necessary preparations. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 10
02:09 AM
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Extending Losses
Bitcoin cash price extended its downside correction below $740 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD is likely to extend its declined further towards the $700 support. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 09
09:09 PM
Japanese Internet Giant GMO Boosts Own Bitcoin Mining Output With 7nm Rigs
Japan's internet giant GMOhas released the latest results of its cryptocurrency mining operation. The company has also started using 7nm rigs in its in-house mining business. News.Bitcoin.com talked to a GMO spokesperson to find outmoredetails. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 09
11:54 AM
Bitcoin Cash TechnicalAnalysis: BCH/USD forms a bearish pennant, price looks to party with the bears
Bitcoin Cash price was seen down 0.5% on Monday, after the gains made over the weekend proved to be unsustainable, BCH/USD has formed a bearish pennant (BCH , BTC )
Jul 09
10:29 AM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: BCH/USD still range-bound, but embracing moving average support
The region at $780 is a significant hurdle towards the coveted $900. BCH/USD is embracing the support from the 50 SMA. Bitcoin Cash price is locked within (BCH , BTC )
Jul 09
01:43 AM
Privacy-Centric 'Bob Wallet' Adds Bitcoin Cash Support
Some developers have designed bitcoin mixers that help obfuscate cryptocurrency transactions recorded on public blockchains. One specific project in the works called Bob Wallet offers a privacy-centric client that enables users to move BTC and BCH from a public wallet to a private wallet in a secretive fashion. (BCH , BTC , ETH )
Jul 08
02:24 PM
Ethereum Rises 5% as Crypto Market as Crypto Market Gains $11 Billion Despite Low Volumes
The valuation of the crypto market increased by around $11 billion over the past 24 hours, triggered by the short-term momentum of bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Ethereum / Bitcoin Volume Still Low On yesterday's report, CCN noted that a downtrend in the short-term is expected due the relatively (BCH , BTC , ETH )
Jul 08
12:29 PM
Five of the Best Blockchain Explorers
Blockchain explorers have come a long way since bitcoin's early days. In the beginning there were none. Then there were basic ones that allowed users to search for specific wallet addresses or transactions. Fast forward to today and we're blessed with a plethora of blockchain explorers that can be used to extract all kinds of (BCH , BTC )
Jul 08
10:24 AM
New Cashpay Wallet Feature Replaces BCH After Spending
The Cashpay wallet launched last June and allows any user to purchase anything online using BCH. This week the development team has added a new feature called 'Spend and Replace' a wallet function that replaces BCH with a BCH buy order from Coinbase whenever the cryptocurrency is spent. (BCH )
Jul 08
08:24 AM
Happy Sunday in Crypto Land as Markets Pump by $14 Billion
FOMO Moments Crypto land is doing well today, altcoins on the up include Bitcoin Cash, Neo, Tezos and Bitcoin Diamond. The weekend has been a little The weekend has been a little brighter in crypto land has upward momentum has resumed and there have been no further declines. A few hours ago markets shot up over $10 billion in less than an hour in one epic pump. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 08
03:54 AM
Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis: Can BCH/USD Recover Further?
Bitcoin cash price is placed nicely above the $700 pivot level against the US Dollar. BCH/USD could accelerate gains above the $780 level in the near term. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 07
09:39 PM
The Daily: Bitcoin Enters Indian Politics, Blockchain Obsession Grows
On the backdrop of recent developments concerning the status and the future of cryptocurrencies in India, Bitcoin has been dragged into a political scandal between the country's two major parties. We've covered the story in today's Bitcoin in Brief. Also, check the details around some BCH-related projects and services. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 07
05:24 AM
Huobi Launches in Australia Offering 10 AUD Pairs
Crypto exchange Huobi has started trading in Australia with 10 pairs against the AUD, including bitcoin cash (BCH). More trading pairs will be added in the future. The platform also plans to partner with local startups through its investment fund and a subsidiary. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 06
01:09 PM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: BCH/USD continues to trim gains after losing momentum above $800
The 50 SMA and the 100 SMA are acting as resistance lines at $730.2 and $737.2 respectively. The Relative Strength Index is heading upwards above the 40 (BCH , BTC )
Jul 06
05:15 AM
Global Data Report: Cryptocurrencies are Expensive, Slow, Unspendable, Cannot Scale
A report recently issued by Global Data is attempting to smash what it views as myths and huge untruths about the hype surrounding crypto. Among their findings, the company concludes cryptocurrencies are expensive, slow, mostly unspendable, and cannot scale to meet their projected demand. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 06
02:54 AM
PR: Quoine's ICO Platform Adds BCH as Funding Currency
The Bitcoin Cash community can now use their BCH to take part in ICOs and Private Sales on QUOINE's ICO platform. The global fintech company already allows token sale participants to use BTC, ETH and QASH. The addition of BCH adds a new layer of flexibility to participation in the token sales presented by QUOINE. ICO Mission Control is a safe and secure platform that sits within QUOINE's QRYPTOS exchange. ICO participants need only sign up and KYC once in order to access the token sales. The ICO Mission Control platform all but eliminates common risks associated with ICOs, such as hacks, scams, phishing and data leaks. (BCH , BTC , ETH )
Jul 06
02:39 AM
ryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Started Trading on its Newly-launched Platform in Australia
Huobi Australia (HuobiAU) is a joint venture between Huobi and Blockchain Global. The new exchange now supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and other cryptocurrencies. (BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH )
Jul 06
02:24 AM
Thailand Officially Announces Rules for Token Issuers, Portals, and Investors
The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially announced its regulations for initial coin offerings (ICOs). The rules specify requirements for ICO portals, issuers, as well as who can invest in tokens. The Commission has also provided a series of infographics to explain the regulations. (BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH , XRP )
Jul 05
09:39 PM
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Struggling Below $760
Bitcoin cash price declined below $760 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD must stay above the $720 support to avoid more declines in the near term. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 05
09:09 PM
Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform Lighthouse.cash Launches
The project Lighthouse was first initiated by Mike Hearn years ago but was abandoned after he left the cryptocurrency community. This week the Lighthouse.cash project developers have officially launched the open source platform for multiple operating systems. (BCH )
Jul 05
05:39 PM
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Remains Supported
Bitcoin cash price is holding gains above $740 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD has to move above the $780 and $800 resistances to gain upside momentum. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 04
09:24 PM
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis
Most alt-coins under our review are slowing down but not Bitcoin Cash. Regardless, we are bullish and for confirmations, buyers must push above $850. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 04
05:09 PM
Get Yourself a Mustang, American Custom Car Builder Now Accepts Bitcoin
Forget about a Lambo and get yourself a Mustang! An American custom car builder now accepts bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 04
10:54 AM
Paul Krugman Trolls Ripple, Accidentally Making a Case for Bitcoin Cash
Nobel Price economist Paul Krugman, notorious crypto hater, trolled Ripple on Twitter recently, and by accident wound up making a case for bitcoin cash (BCH). (BCH , BTC , XRP )
Jul 03
10:54 PM
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Correcting Lower
Bitcoin cash price is correcting lower from well above $800 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD must stay above the $720 support area to avoid more declines. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 03
09:09 PM
Did Craig Wright Lie About His Yacht? - Coinjournal
Craig Wright, the Australian man who once, and again, claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, is doubling down on his claim. But did he lie about his yacht while doing so? In a tirade against Peter Todd, Wright doubled down on his claims that he was Satoshi, saying that Todd doesn't get to decide what he (BCH , BTC )
Jul 03
05:39 PM
Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis: BCH/USD reversing all of the decent gains seen this week
Bitcoin Cash was on the back foot, giving back all of its gains made on Monday, down in the session over 2%. If near-term support fails to hold, it may (BCH , BTC )
Jul 03
09:59 AM
Exclusive. Erik Voorhees: There Were No Winners in the Bitcoin Block Size Debate
Recalling some of the last year's events, Erik Voorhees says the community is already deeply split and, unfortunately, there were no winnersin the stand-off between the Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash (BCH , BTC )
Jul 03
01:54 AM
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Gaining Momentum
Bitcoin cash price is gaining momentum above $750 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD has to clear the $800 barrier to extend the current uptrend in the near term. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 02
09:09 PM
Japan's Internet Giant GMO Launches New Upgraded 7nm Bitcoin Miner
Japanese internet giant GMO has launched a new, upgraded model of its bitcoin miner equipped with 7nm ASIC mining chips. The previous model was sold out. The new model can achieve a higher hash rate and has a (BCH , BTC )
Jul 02
04:25 PM
Luxury Shopping Marketplace Fancy Offers Discount for Bitcoin Purchases
Bitcoin whales and long term holders are always looking for places they can spend their cryptocurrency without having to touch fiat. Fancy allows just that, with a huge catalog of luxury shoes, high-end gadgets and much more. The site now accepts both BTC and BCH, and offers a special discount for crypto shoppers. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 02
12:26 PM
Fiat and Crypto Exchange in One Place, Fast and Easy Access
What does Cryptology do differently? Using a web exchange for currency trading combining fiat and tokens together. An international team of crypto What does Cryptology do differently? Using a web exchange for currency trading combining fiat and tokens together. (BCH , ETH )
Jul 02
12:10 PM
Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis: BCH/USD runs 6% higher, however upside capped by barrier ahead of $800
Bitcoin Cash rallied over 6% during Monday's afternoon session, however ran into resistance at the 61.8% Fibonacci. BCH/USD runs into chunky near-term (BCH , BTC )
Jul 02
10:04 AM
Preparations for the Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Day Begin
'BCH Stress Test Day' plans to process millions of transactions all at once. Furthermore, the developers want everyone in the BCH community to participate. This week the open source project Bitbox released a tool that allows anyone to engage in a cooperative effort to 'spam' the network with a blitz of transactions. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 02
09:26 AM
Markets Update: Coinex Dominates Volume Rankings Amid Post-Bounce Consolidation
The bitcoin markets have rallied after having produced 48 hours of steady consolidation following the recent bounce off support at approximately $5,800. Looking at the 24-hour volume rankings, Coinex has suddenly emerged as a strong market leader, claiming to have hosted $1.5 billion in trade in single day. (BCH , BTC , USDT )
Jul 02
08:27 AM
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Bullish Above $700
Key Points Bitcoin cash price is positioned nicely above the $700 support with positive signs against the US Dollar. There is a new declining channel Bitcoin cash price is holding the $700 support against the US Dollar. BCH/USD must gain momentum above $750 to revisit the $800 resistance zone in the near term. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 01
09:10 PM
Bitcoin Cash Community Embraces Zero Confirmation Transactions
Over the past few weeks, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community has been discussing the subject of merchants accepting zero confirmation BCH transactions. Lots of BCH merchants have been accepting zero confirms lately as well, making the discussion topical again as it was a few years ago. (BCH , BTC )
Jul 01
12:24 PM
Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis: BCH/USD Facing Tough Resistance
Key Points Bitcoin cash price started a new upside wave from the $650 support area against the US Dollar. There are two bearish trend lines formed with Bitcoin cash price is slowly recovering above $700 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD has to move past the $800-810 barrier to remain in a bullish zone in the near term. (BCH , BTC )
Jun 30
09:24 PM
Expedia Drops Bitcoin Payments, Official Confirms
Travel booking platform Expedia has stopped accepting bitcoin (BTC). A company representative confirmed the policy change, while stating that various payment options are being continuously evaluated without elaborating on the details. Expedia has been supporting bitcoin payments since 2014. (BCH , BTC )
Jun 30
01:39 PM
Bitcoin Cash Sees More Infrastructure, Applications, and Protocol Innovation
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen a lot of new infrastructure support, applications, and protocol innovation. While everyone has been watching the bearish market sentiment across the digital currency economy, there's a lot of action happening within the BCH ecosystem that supersedes the current price speculation. (BCH , BTC )
Jun 30
11:39 AM
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis - 30/06/18
The weekend rally is on or is it just a spill over from Friday's rebound from new swing lo levels struck by the majors, time will tell, but only a few weekend rallies have managed to last the entire weekend (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jun 30
08:00 AM
How Line, Japan's Biggest Messaging App, is Going All Out on Crypto
Line, the most popular messaging app in Japan, is attempting to establish dominance over the blockchain and crypto sector by launching a cryptoc exchange. (BCH , BTC )
Jun 30
06:09 AM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: BCH/USD has a short term breakout but has long term bottomed out?
BCH breaks out in the short term, just as XRP did. Long term charts too suggesting a trend reversal. Bictoin Cash, cousin sister of Bitcoin the poster (BCH , BTC )
Jun 29
10:53 PM
A Big Bounce as $20 Billion Pours Back into Crypto Markets
FOMO Moments The big pump has happened, altcoins with double digit gains include Bitcoin Cash, Neo, Ethereum Classic, and Ontology The bounce was expected The bounce was expected however the magnitude of it is a very positive sign. Markets have been plummeting for weeks, and are still very low, however the rebound was far bigger than the previous one indicating that this could be the reversal everybody has been waiting for. (BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH )
Jun 29
09:24 PM
Indian Exchange Zebpay Boosts Trading Support for 19 Cryptos Ahead of RBI Ban
Leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has added new cryptocurrencies to its crypto-to-crypto trading platform. The exchange now supports 19 cryptocurrencies and over 35 trading pairs, as it prepares for the banking ban by the country's central bank to go into effect next week. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , OMG , XRP )
Jun 29
03:24 PM
Bitcoin Cash Support is Now Live on Purse.io
Purse.io has announced that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support is now live. Furthermore due to a partnership with the Bitcoin Cash Fund the company is offering $10 cash back to Purse shoppers who shop and earn before the end of July. (BCH , BTC )
Jun 29
01:39 PM
Startup Raises $600K to Build Bitcoin Cash Mobile Wallet
CoinText.io,a blockchain startup developing a way of conducting offline bitcoin cash transactions, closed a $600,000 seed funding round. (BCH , BTC )
Jun 29
11:39 AM
Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices at the Crossroads
Most digital assets are seeing 24-hour losses of around 2-10 percent today. Bitcoin Core (BTC) markets have dipped below the $6K region to a low of $5,774 per coin but have since rebounded a hair to $5,860. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) markets dropped to a low of $630 per coin but are now averaging $660 per BCH on June 29, 2018. (BCH , BTC , USDT )
Jun 29
09:54 AM
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Resumes Its Slide
Key Points Bitcoin cash price declined further and moved to a new monthly low at $650 against the US Dollar. There is a new connecting Bitcoin cash price is back in a downtrend below $700 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD may perhaps continue to decline towards the $630 level if sellers remain in action. (BCH , BTC )
Jun 28
09:09 PM


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