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Bitcoin Cash Futures Expected to Open up US Market by Q1 2020
Futures contracts on bitcoin cash can be available at a CFTC-regulated exchange by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2020. This will allow (BCH , BTC , ICE )
Sep 18
11:24 AM
The Beatles Challenge and Yesterday Movie Discussion #LIVE
I'm going try to name all the Beatles songs and discuss the movie Yesterday LIVE. Just like it says in the title. source (BTC )
Sep 18
11:09 AM
Wells Fargo Launches Its Own Blockchain Platform for Internal-Settlement Service
Wells Fargo, a well-known US financial services broker, that offers its own bank, payments network, credit cards, loans and more, announced today its own pilot program to use distributed ledger techno (BTC )
Sep 18
10:54 AM
VanEck-SolidX Cans its Bitcoin ETF Before the SEC Response Deadline Hash
Bitcoin enthusiasts who had high hopes for the VanEck - SolidX ETF will be sorely disappointed. After careful review -and probably knowing all too well there would be no approval - the team has decided to withdraw its proposal altogether. This is the second Bitcoin ETF to be withdrawn this month. About a week ago, CBOE took a similar course of action. VanEck - SolidX Withdraws It was a matter of time until the VanEck - SolidX Bitcoin ETF application was either rejected or withdrawn. Over the past few years, there has been no indication the SEC has any plans (BTC )
Sep 18
10:39 AM
CMCC Global launches new tracker fund for bitcoin (BTC)
CMCC Global, a venture capital company focused on blockchain technology, announced today the launch of their Liberty Bitcoin Fund, an institutional-grade, (BTC )
Sep 18
10:24 AM
Alchemy Opens Up Bitcoin Payment to 1.2 Million Merchants in Asia
Retail merchants across Asia can now receive bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments via a new hybrid solution launched by Alchemy. (BTC )
Sep 18
09:39 AM
Crypto Not Competitive With Gold: Barrick Gold Exec
Cryptocurrencies are not a competitor to gold, according to North America COO of Barrick Gold, Catherine Raw (BTC )
Sep 18
09:24 AM
Snowden: US Seizing My Book Revenue is 'Good for Bitcoin'
Following the book publishing fiasco with the Department of Justice, Edward Snowden said that the outcome was good for bitcoin. (BCH , BTC )
Sep 18
08:24 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Skyrockets Above $0.30, Is The 2019 Altseason Finally Here?
XRP saw a 22% price increase over the past 3 days which allowed it to get back above the $0.30 level to where it currently trades at $0.307. The cryptocurrency has seen a further 14.5% price hike over (BTC , XRP )
Sep 18
08:24 AM
Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis: Upsurge Could Continue Above $0.0530
ADA price started a strong rise from the $0.0450 support area against the US Dollar.The price is currently gaining momentum above $0.0500 and it could continue to rise in the near term.There is a stro (ADA , BTC )
Sep 18
07:39 AM
Flat Bitcoin Eyes Fed Meet to Revive Its Bullish Bias
Bitcoin is under pressure to deliver as the Federal Reserve expects to deliver fresh rate cuts upon the conclusion of its two-day meeting this Wednesday. (BTC )
Sep 18
07:09 AM
Bithumb's parent company announces intention to invest in future-tech startups through its incubation program
BTC Korea, the parent company behind Bithumb has decided to expand its investment into incubation programs for various startups developing future technologies such as blockchain, fintech and artificial intelligence (AI) (BTC )
Sep 18
06:54 AM
These iAngels Are Bringing New Heavyweights Into Bitcoin Investing
The three women behind Israeli investment platform iAngels are promoting crypto adoption by connecting with traditional investors. (BTC )
Sep 18
06:39 AM
Bitopia Launches First-Ever Crypto Robo-Advisory!
Bitopia, considered by some analysts, a major fin-tech surprise of 2019, has launched recently and is fast becoming the biggest buzz amongst bitcoin (BTC )
Sep 18
06:39 AM
Bitfury Opens Direct Sales Of Bitcoin Mining Equipment To SMEs
Bitcoin mining rig manufacturer, Bitfury, has published prices on its equipment for the first time. According to an article in Russian-language, (BTC )
Sep 18
06:24 AM
Craig Wright Asks for 30-Day Extension to Delay 500K Bitcoin Payout
Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright has entered extensive settlement negotiations with Dave Kleimans estate (BTC )
Sep 18
06:09 AM
Craig Wright Looking to Settle $10Bn Lawsuit Outside Court
Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright has entered settlement talks with the estate of Dave Kleiman, a firm which sued him for $10 billion. A (BTC )
Sep 18
06:09 AM
How to hedge Bitcoin risks with margin trading
Looming recession and aggressive monetary policy by all major central banks create some great perspectives for Bitcoin long term. Cryptocurrency may still (BTC )
Sep 18
05:54 AM
TronWallet Play desktop wallet adds bitcoin (BTC) support
TronWallet Play, an open-source p2p desktop wallet platform for TRON (TRX), has announced support for bitcoin (BTC) in its latest release. TronWallet Play (BTC )
Sep 18
05:39 AM
10 Tax Tools to Help Crypto Owners
While tax laws on cryptocurrency vary by jurisdiction, there are many useful tools to help you calculate crypto taxes, lower your tax liabilities, and simplify your filing no matter where you are. Many of them work globally, supporting tax forms of multiple countries, and can import data directly from all major crypto exchanges. (BTC )
Sep 18
05:24 AM
Bitcoin's Case 'Inadvertently' Advertised By Blackstone Boss
The CEO of worlds biggest alternative investment firm endorsed Bitcoin after suggesting it is a natural tool to avoid government control. (BTC )
Sep 18
05:09 AM
BUSD Binance and Paxos Stablecoin Latest to Get US Regulator Consent
New York financial watchdog approves three stablecoin offerings including BUSD, backed by Paxos and Binance. A sign of things to come? (BTC , ERC , ETH , XRP )
Sep 18
05:09 AM
With Ethereum and XRP Rocketing, What Will the Bitcoin Price Do?
The crypto market has seen its craziest day in months. As Bitcoin (BTC) price flatlined, steadying at $10,250, altcoins absolutely skyrocketed. As seen in (BTC , ETH , XRP )
Sep 18
05:09 AM
Altseason? Bitcoin Price Flat as XRP, ETH, XLM Near 20% Daily Returns
It was Bitcoins turn for inertia this week as altcoin investors delighted in a long-awaited market upturn (BTC , ETH , XLM , XRP )
Sep 18
04:39 AM
Altcoins Finally See The Light As Binance US Situation Gets Settled?
It seems that altcoins are finally getting their moment as Binance has deployed its trading platform for US-based citizens. All large and mid-cap cryptocurrencies are in the green and a lot of them ar (BTC )
Sep 18
04:24 AM
Bitcoin May Be Building for Big Move as Price Volatility Hits 4.5-Month Low
Bitcoins volatility has hit the lowest level in over four months a price squeeze that may force a big move either way. (BTC )
Sep 18
04:09 AM
"Bitcoin Price to Hit $20K Owing to Fed's QE4"
Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX has forecasted that any fresh quantitative easing would lead to a decrease of faith in fiat currency. He further said Bitcoins price could soon reach $20,000. Win-Win Sit (BTC )
Sep 18
04:09 AM
Nigerian Crypto Educator Returns $80K in Bitcoin Received by Mistake
Keith Mali Chung co-founder and president of African blockchain firm Loopblock Network has returned almost $80,000 worth of Bitcoin mistakenly sent to his w... (BTC )
Sep 18
03:24 AM
Huobi Launches Fiat-To-Crypto Exchange in Argentina
The official launch of Huobis newest product was announced today on the 17th of September. The project is dubbed Huobi Argentina and it will be supported by Huobi Cloud. The company is establishing a (BTC )
Sep 18
03:09 AM
ING: 32% of Europeans Believe Crypto Is the Future of E-Payments
Cryptocurrencies can be spent in most stores, most Europeans falsely believe, according to a new ING Bank survey (BTC )
Sep 18
02:39 AM
Fed's $53 Billion 'Rescue Operation' is Good News for Bitcoin
A spike in overnight borrowing rates is bad news for the US economy, as a gnawing financial recession awaits. Good news for bitcoin? (BTC )
Sep 18
02:39 AM
Investment giant Blackstones CEO dismisses bitcoin, saying not going to own any
Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO, chairman and co-founder of investment giant Blackstone Group Inc., is not a fan of bitcoin (BTC). I dont have much interest in that because its hard for me to understand, Schwarzman, who leads the firm with over $500 billion of assets under management, told Fortune in
Sep 18
02:37 AM
German Govt Approves New Plan to Block Private Parallel Currencies
Germanys government has approved a blockchain strategy that aims to prevent stablecoins from becoming alternative currencies and threatening state sovereignty (BTC )
Sep 18
02:09 AM
Bitcoin Price Analysis: The Breakout Is Imminent BTC Price To Surge or Plunge (Very Soon)
As been written on the previous price analysis, Bitcoins trading range is getting tighter and tighter. The king of cryptocurrencies is not used for trading with such low volatility. As can be seen on (BTC )
Sep 18
02:09 AM
Bobby Lee: Chinese Always Saw Bitcoin as Investment, Not for Payments
BTCC veteran Bobby Lee claims the Chinese have always thought of Bitcoin as an investment rather than a payment system (BTC )
Sep 18
01:39 AM
Forex Technical Analysis & Forecast: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/RUB, Gold, Brent, BTC/USD
EUR/USD has completed the ascending structure at 1.1074; right now, it is consolidating. Possibly, the pair may move downwards to reach 1.1050. Later,
Sep 18
12:57 AM
Edward Snowden: US Govt Lawsuit to Block Book Is Good for Bitcoin
A new lawsuit over memoir sees the threat of Washington confiscating Snowdens funds, a problem he suggests Bitcoin could fix (BTC )
Sep 18
12:54 AM
'Get Ready for Bitcoin $20K, Says BitMEX CEO as Fed Panic-Prints $53B
Emergency cash injection is the first since the 2008 financial crisis, which spawned Bitcoins success (BTC )
Sep 18
12:24 AM
Steve Schwarzman: I Don't Have Much Interest in Crypto
As the CEO of investing firm Blackstone, CEO Steve Schwarzman says that hes used to a world where currencies are controlled by a central body, and thus hes not a huge fan of how crypto is structured (BTC )
Sep 17
11:39 PM
Bitcoin Price (BTC) Trading Near Make-or-Break Levels
Bitcoin price is trading below key resistances and hurdles against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to make the next move either above $10,400 or towards $9,900. (BTC )
Sep 17
11:09 PM
Bitcoin has always been seen as an investment by the Chinese, and not as a payment system, claims Bobby Lee
Charlie Shrem interviewed Bitcoin veteran and Ballet co-founder, Bobby Lee on his podcast, Untold Stories, earlier today. (BTC )
Sep 17
10:54 PM
Altcoins Dragging Crypto Market Cap Higher: BCH, BNB, EOS, TRX Analysis
The crypto market cap gained after a strong rise in Ethereum (ETH) and ripple. Bitcoin (BTC) is consolidating, while binance coin (BNB), BCH, tron (TRX), litecoin and EOS could continue to rise. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC )
Sep 17
10:09 PM
Ripple Price (XRP) Rallies Significantly To Start Massive Uptrend
Ripple price rallied above $0.3000 to start an uptrend against the US Dollar and bitcoin. XRP price turned buy on dips and it could continue to rise towards $0.3200. (BTC , XRP )
Sep 17
09:24 PM
Ethereum (ETH) & Ripple (XRP) Surge Sparks Fresh Rally In Altcoins
Ethereum price is up close to 8% and ripple surged 18% versus the US Dollar, while bitcoin is consolidating. ETH price could continue to grind higher towards $225. (BTC , ETH , XRP )
Sep 17
08:24 PM
5% Hike in XRP & LTC; Altcoins Make a Recovery as Bulls Charge at Full Blast
Litecoin(LTC) and Ripple(XRP) are up by 4.78% and 4.74% and top 20 coins show an increase in price except for Tether(USDT). Source: coinmarketcapLitecoin Heading Towards $75 Litecoin price is presen (BTC , LTC , USDT , XRP )
Sep 17
08:09 PM
Huobi Launches New Cryptocurrency Exchange in Argentina
Huobi Group officially launched Huobi Argentina, which is a local exchange supported by the Huobi Cloud. One of the largest digital asset exchanges in the world, the Singapore-based Huobia Global repo (BTC )
Sep 17
07:24 PM
Alternative Crypto Season: Ether, XRP Rise to 1-Month Highs While Bitcoin Falls
Demand for alternative cryptocurrencies has seen their performance rise over the last 24-hours gracing 1-month highs while bitcoin (BTC) remained flat. (BTC , XRP )
Sep 17
06:39 PM
CBOE Withdraws VanEck, SolidX Bitcoin ETF Proposal From SEC Review
The CBOE withdraws its Bitcoin ETF proposal just 2 weeks after the firm began offering a limited Bitcoin ETF and a month before the SEC had to rule on it (BTC )
Sep 17
05:54 PM
Volatility for Bitcoin Hits Four-Month Low
At press time, you may not think bitcoin is doing much And youd be right. In fact, the currency has barely swung at all over the past 1-2 weeks and has largely remained between $10,100 and $10,300. (BTC )
Sep 17
03:39 PM
Current Bitcoin Price Action Like That of Pre-2017 Mania, Says Analyst
Popular on-chain technical analyst Willy Woo believes that Bitcoin is currently in the early phases of another huge bull market. He appeared on former (BTC )
Sep 17
03:09 PM


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